Why you should get insurance before the US election

Elections are periods where the course of a nation’s journey into the future for the next political dispensation is determined through the determination of the key individuals to steer the ship of the country. Little wonder there usually is a lot of uncertainty around election years. If the government/party of the day continues ruling, it might lead to continuity of existing conditions, whether for good or ill. And if another party comes into power, it could truncate existing conditions also, for good or ill. Businesses, foreign policies, the medical sector, agriculture, and even security will all be directly affected by the activities and outcome of an election year. For this reason, one should take necessary measures to protect oneself against economic and financial losses that might be caused by political instability occasioned by elections in any country, and social securities might be insufficient to handle the disruptions.


What types of insurance should be considered? Health insurance is one contentious issue that seems to be persistent in the United States. Nevertheless, the Affordable Care Act has helped to increase the coverage of Americans by both government and private health insurance providers, with only eight percent of the population uncovered by any as of 2018. The provision of healthcare is one of the hot issues that most pull attention during elections. Health insurance is particularly important to avert situations of paying out of pocket for healthcare services which are usually very expensive. Insurance companies like Lemonademight offer more information on how to ensure that one is covered against any eventualities. Indeed, health challenges have been one of the prevailing causes of bankruptcy, with loss of income due to ill health, the bills for the care of the ill both contributing to drain the finances of families, which is why more people are now interested in health insurance than previous years.


Another insurance to consider before the US election is business insurance. This is to ensure that your business is covered against any upheavals in the economy, foreign policy, drop in GDP, or foreign exchange that might be caused by a change in government. A new administration will come into power with their template for the regulation of the economy, which might take some time for the business environment to adjust to. All of these fluctuations can and do affect businesses, especially those with an international outlook, and steps should therefore be taken to prevent any losses. There are different types of business insurance covers to consider, but specifically for an election year, you might be looking at business interruption insurance among others; however, you might have to consult firms like Allianz Assistance and other such companies, and of course, read reviews of other people’s experiences online to determine the specific type of insurance coverage you need. Whether there is continuity in administration should not be left to chance, so it’s better to be safe than sorry where potential changes are involved.


Other forms of insurance are important to minimize risk as much as possible during and before the US election, and the sense of protection that insurance gives cannot be over-emphasized. At any point in time, experts opine that life, health, auto, and long-term disability insurance are the four insurance types that any individual should have per time, but due to the peculiarity of election periods, businesses have to be protected against unexpected situations and risks too.